Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dunlins abroad: from the Canaries back to Estonia

The Southern Dunlin (Calidris alpina schinzii) male (found and photographed by Eric Thomassen in La Palma, the Canary Islands in March) is now back at his home turf in the meadows of the Muhu Island in western Estonia (read about the bird's earlier adventures here).

The ringing ("rengastus" in Finnish) site of the bird VT5101 and also the location of the recent observation. The Võilaid island mentioned later in the text is in the lower right corner of the picture.
Hannes Pehlak found the male VT5101 near the 2011 ringing site 21 April 2015

The male Southern Dunlin VT 5101, now (21 April) back from wintering grounds. Photo: Hannes Pehlak.
Egg laying starts soon. Unringed female in the foreground, the male VT 5101 behind. Photo: Hannes Pehlak.

Wet Kõinastu meadow in mid-April. Photo: Hannes Pehlak
Horses in their pasture. Photo: Hannes Pehlak.
Of the 53 Southern Dunlins ringed in 2010-2011 in western Estonia at least ten have been seen at or near the ringing sites this spring. Hannes Pehlak has seen an other colour-ringed bird also in Kõinastu. In addition, a Dunlin ringed in the Võilaid (see the map above) island has been around since 2013 in a nearby location at the eastern shore of Saaremaa.

Thanks, Hannes, for the photos!

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  1. Very interesting and amazing story! Sometimes we can see here, in the Canary Islands, ringed shorebirds, but only some of them are ringed with colour rings. Many times is almost impossible to read the codes of the metallic rings...
    Best regards from the Canaries,
    Rubén Barone